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Re: Helpful Hints...

Thu, 14 Mar 1991 09:03:00 GMT
> Well, I finally got the first  installment  of 15 recipes  from the Welbilt/

> Red Star Recipe  Club.  I don't know how long it will take me to type in all
> of the  recipes, but I thought I'd get started.  I've only tried a couple of
> these and will comment on my results.  I'd love to hear if others try any of
> these and how they fare.
> The cards come with a set of helpful hints:
> 	o A thermometer is a necessary tool to determine the  temperature of
> 	  liquids  before  pouring into the bread machine pot.  The accuracy
> 	  achieved  assures  consistent  good  results.  An easy  method  to
> 	  attain  75-80  degrees  for each of the liquid  ingredients  is to
> 	  combine  and place them in a microwave  oven.  Use the  "Automatic
> 	  Defrost" setting.

I guess this means that baking bread overnight is a lot more risky
than starting the cycle immediately.  Also, if you refrigerate your
flour (I do), the flour should probably be allowed to warm to room
temp before adding the water.

Thanks for posting this - it was nice to read something official
that says bread flour MUST be used to ensure good results.  I want
my Panasonic back! :-(