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Re: BREAD Digest V4 #8

fritz@ben.dev.upenn.edu (Katherine Fritz)
Thu, 25 Feb 93 13:54:10 EST
I've never posted before, but I s'pose I should change that!  I have a
Welbilt R2-D2 model, and really enjoy it -- I joined the Red Star/Welbilt
Bread club, or whatever they call it, and got 60-some recipes from them in
a nice recipe box.  Just before Christmas they sent me a fold-up card of
bread-making tips that folds to fit in the recipe box along with (get
this) several holiday bread recipes on 8-1/2x11 paper!  (I haven't figured
out why they didn't print those on 3x5 cards too!  Oh, well.) anyway, I
haven't seen anybody post these particular recipes (the holiday ones), and
was wondering if there was interest.  I'd be happy to post them if so.

Katie Fritz
Internet: fritz@ben.dev.upenn.edu  CIS: 71257,3153