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"Nancy S. Hsu" <nancyh@ohana.com>
Wed, 9 Oct 1996 23:56:15 -1000 (HST)
I received a Welbilt ABM-100-4 last Christmas as a gift.  I haven't been
having too much success with it.  The only bread I've made with it is the
regular white bread.  Does anyone also have this model that can help me with
a few questions?

1)  The dough seems to rise too high and touches the glass cover which makes
it quite hard to clean after baking.

2)  THere were no instruction books that came with the machine.  The only
book I received is the recipe book.  There is a knob on the right side of
the machine for setting L or D...what does that stand for?

3)  The breads I've made only lasts about 2 days before it goes completed
solid!!  Is this how it suppose to be for all machines?

4)  Anyone have other recipes that I can try?  

Thanks all in advance... 

Aloha, Nancy