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Is this normal?

Don Griffin <griffind@oz.sunflower.org>
Sat, 19 Oct 1996 21:29:08 -0500

Several months ago, I bought a factory-reconditioned ABM though Danmark
catalog and it has recently started SCREECHING loudly off and on while it
kneeds the dough.  This is an incredibly hideous sound and startles my
2-year old from across the house as well as sets MY teeth on edge.  I had to
stop baking bread overnight because none of us could sleep.  Anyway, I was
sure that this couldn't be right and I took it in to be serviced, as it is
under a factory waranty.  They said that they couldn't find anything wrong
with it and "breadmakers will make noise".  They even said that they baked
bread in it and it was fine.  But I doubt it.  Has this happened to anyone
and how did you resolve the issue?  Any advise?  By the way, my ABM is a
Toastmaster Platinum Bread & Buttermaker, model #1199.