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Thanks, everyone

"Arlene Glube" <karmel@cyberg8t.com>
Mon, 11 Nov 1996 04:43:37 -0800
Thank you to all who wrote with ideas on how to print a single recipe from
the digest.  I was amazed at the response and have already printed 10
recipes from digests I saved from previous weeks.  I appreciate the time it
took to sit and write me back.
My feet are getting "cold" with regard to my Breadman Plus.  So far, no
trouble, but as I read the posts, yes, sometimes the crust IS darker than I
think it should be.  Have made several loaves from scratch as well as many
mixes that I have doctored.  We like hearty breads so I often add pumpkin
seeds, pine nuts and sunflower seeds to a Cracked Wheat mix...about 1/4 cup
of each.  One other variation on that is to add about one tablespoon of
anise seed and omit the pine nuts.  Just for fun, I sometimes add 1/4 cup 7
grain cereal, also as a variation.  The bread is certainly very good in the
Breadman Plus, but I must admit, I am hypersensitive to little variations
now as I read the digest.  Have my fingers crossed! Thanks again, Arlene