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more about dishwashers

Valerie Mates <popcorn@cyberspace.org>
Fri, 15 Nov 1996 00:06:09 -0500
Hi -- I sent in another posting on this topic earlier in the week.  Since
then I had a few more thoughts about dishwashing.

One concern about washing dishes by hand is that a number of recent studies
have shown that one of the germiest surfaces in the average kitchen is the
kitchen sponge.  Evidently those tidy cooks who sponge up each spill as it
happens (that's me) are really spreading germs all over the kitchen.  Yucch.
I'm not really sure I want to eat off dishes that have been cleaned with a
kitchen sponge.

Also, I think people have different dishwashing preferences that are a matter
of personal taste.  My friend Jeanne says that she only feels dishes are
clean if someone has gone over them carefully by hand.  She feels that a
machine doesn't have eyes and a brain to make sure that the dishes are
thoroughly washed.  Me, I feel just the opposite: At a gut level, I feel
things are only truly clean if they've been washed in a dishwasher, with its
sprays of super-hot water and detergent reaching into every nook and cranny,
sterilizing the dishes.

Sorry about the tangent away from bread baking.  This started out as an
explanation of why I want to put my breadmaker pan in the dishwasher, even
though the manufacturer says not to do that.