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Breadmaker: Zojirushi BBCC-Q20?

Edward Ipp <eipp@pacbell.net>
Tue, 12 Nov 1996 17:05:30 -0800
In the Holiday 1996 Price/Costco mail order catalog they have the
Zojirushi BBCC-Q20 2lb. home bakery for $109.99, item #149638, at
1-800-955-2292.  I have heard many people praise the original Zo (s15?)
for being well made and having a user programmable setting for longer
rise times (only makes 1 1/2lb loaves, though).  I was wondering if
anyone has seen/used/heard of the new model, Q20.  I want to get a 2lb
breadmaker soon and, of course, want to get the "best" one.  I tried out
an American Harvest model that makes 2 loaves and has the clear front
viewing window.  I had to return it because it practically burned all my
crusts, even in the light setting.  I know Consumer Reports loves the
Regal units and West Bend has a model that makes a standard size loaf
with collapsible kneading bars so there's no big hole left in the bottom
of the loaf and then there's Sanyo and Hitachi.....  With so many
feature packed units out there its hard to decide.  Thanks in advance!

Edward Ipp

"Good Cookin'!, Good Eatin'!, Good Lovin'!"  Chef Paul Prudhomme