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lighter bread

Ron Parker <rbparker@henning.cfa.org>
Sun, 15 Dec 1996 19:02:44 -0600
L.J. Boggia wrote:

>I use a Kitchen Aid to mix and knead dough.  My problem is that when
>baking French or Italian loaves, they both come out about the same.
>That is, not too high and very dense with a very chewy crust.
>I have been trying to get results that are more traditional - large
>holes in a light crumb with a crispy crust.

You may be kneading too much and not rising long enough.  A couple of long
rises devlops flavor and nice, big holes.  Also, try using a lower gluten
flour.  It is very regional, but if you can't get a low enough
protein/gluten flour, use some cake flour in your mix to replace the
all-purpose stuff.

I use a dark cookie sheet and I do place a pan of water in the bottom of
the oven to get steam.

I also have a pizza stone, but haven't used it for bread as yet.

I like a pizza stone for bread.  Be sure the loaves have risen enough
before popping into the oven.  Also, experiment with the depth of your
slashes in the loaves.


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