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Zoji cake cycle worth using?

Sat, 21 Dec 1996 14:48:15 -0800 (PST)
>I would also like to know if the cake cycle is
>worth using. I like to bake and wonder if I will be happy with the Zoji
>results.  Does anyone have a TNT recipe for a Zoji cake?
>I appreciate any imput.  Thanks.

My experience has been that it is not worth it.  I have tried it twice.
Cakes aren't time consuming to make and who wants a tiny square cake or corn
bread.  I use mine for bread and dough and thoroughly love it.  I haven't
experienced your "store bought bread" problem.  The best recipe I have and
use a lot is in the Zoji cook book that comes with the machine.  It is the
buttermilk wheat bread.  My Zoji is 5 years old I imagine it is still in
their book.  Let me know if it isn't.

|\/\/\/\/\/| Lynne Miles
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