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Re: Mac-n-cheese powder

"Julia" <julia@global-tech.com>
Mon, 24 Feb 1997 11:36:24 -0500 EST
Ron Cochrane wrote:

> I have looked to years for some of the fluorescent orange cheese
> powder that comes in store-bought Mac&Cheese packages.  It appears
> to me that for about $.75 you get about $.05 worth of pasta and a
> little of this majic powder.  Well, I finally have seen it
> advertised in a King Arthor's Flours catalog, but their price is so
> high that it is still a better deal to buy the store-bought type.

I have seen it sold at "BJ's"  (a discount food warehouse like a 
Sam's Club) in 2 (?) pound containers. I don't know about the price, 
though, as it wasn't on my shopping list. I just noticed it on the 
shelf in passing....


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