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ingredient effects

"Lorena J. Horning" <lorena@gol.com>
Tue, 25 Feb 1997 23:16:18 +0900
i am fairly new to the art of bread-baking; unfortunately my innate
curiosity tempts me to alter recipes that don't turn out just the way i'd
like them to.  i'd be delighted if anyone could tell me how different
ingredients affect the resulting loaf in texture, flavor, etc.  for
instance, what makes a loaf dry and crumbly instead of soft and, well, *not*
crumbly?  do any ingredients inhibit the rising action of the yeast?  i have
particular difficulty with a honey whole wheat recipe that has gotten
perfect once or twice, but is too often dry, dense, and/or crumbly.

thanks for your advice.  please feel free to respond privately if this is
not a topic of general interest.

:o)   Lorena J. Horning   (o:

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