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life expectancy / mail order bulk yeast

Gerry McMahon <gerrymc@erols.com>
Mon, 14 Jul 1997 16:19:49 -0400
>From: "Rossana S. Tarantini" <rossana.t@sympatico.ca>
>>Does anyone have any idea of the life expectancy of a bread machine?  We
>>use ours every day, usually baking two loaves daily. 
Then Chris Olmstead <colmstead@opus1.com> replies:
>My Oster manual says it has a 2 year warrantee.  I am using mine about once
>a day.  From reading here and from books at the library it looks to me like
>2 years is a _minimum_ lifespan.  I would start to get nervous around 3
>years, and shop to replace it in the 4th year even if it is still running.
>I get the idea I'm very conservative.
Hi all,

I bought the R2D2 unit from Wellbilt in 1991 for my then SO, it is still in
service.  I currently own the Zoji, it's two years old now and going strong.

If I were to buy new stuff just cause I was out of warranty I'd never get to
break anything in.

You're probably better off using it as regularly as you do rather than being
an occassional baker.
Then Karen Wheless asks:

>> I'm having a hard time finding yeast here.  The only place that sells yeast
>> in bulk is Costco, and I'm not sure it's worth the membership fee just for
>> yeast!  But the prices at the grocery stores are outrageous.  Is there any
>> place where you can order yeast by mail?  Is it both inexpensive and
>> reliable?  I only bake two or three loaves a week, so I don't need huge
>> amounts.  Also, how long does yeast last if you store it in the freezer?
O.k.  No, yeast alone wouldn't cover the membership fee ... but I was
surprised how quickly I recouped my $25 fee on things that I use regularly.

Two mail order sources would be King Arthur Flour, and Irwin Franzel who is
a list member who sells SAF yeast ... I assumed he would reply to your
initial e-mail so I didn't.  I've bought yeast from King Arthur and from
Sam's Club.  I keep it in the freezer all the time.  My King Arthur bag
lasted from August '95 through December '96.  The last loaf rose as nicely
as the first.  When I am assembling my ingredients I just pull the yeast out
of the freezer and let it warm up a bit.  I keep it in a T-ware container.

The Sam's yeast is Fleishmann's and comes two bags to a pack so I split it
with a friend.

So find a Costco member and have them buy the yeast for you :)  promise them
a loaf of bread.