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Flavor of breads (yeast)

"Ken and Mary Ann Vaugnan" <kvaughan@ptialaska.net>
Thu, 18 Dec 1997 12:32:01 -0900
Some of the recent discussion caused me to remember an article documenting
an examnation of flavors of bread made with different yeasts.  The article
(Cooks I think) concluded on the basis of test panels on basic white bread
that there were differences in the flavors of breads made with different
yeasts.  As I remember, Fleishman's Instant Yeast was that which tasted best
to the panel members.

Unfortunatly, I think that yeast does provide a better taste with plain
breads, but is not available in bulk cheap.  King Arthur does carry it in
pound containers at a better price than the grocers, but it costs lots more
than the Red Star at Costco.  --- Ken's cheap solution -- Use the cheap red
star for stronger flavored peasant breads and flat breads and use the good
Instant Yeast for plain white bread.

Sourdough is another workaround, but presents it's own set of special
challenges too.

Bottom line -- don't like the flavor of the bread, it might be time to try a
different yeast because all yeast strains do not taste the same.