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Honey Source (bees, of course, but here's a good middleman!)

Sat, 25 Jul 1998 09:01:35 EDT
Hello Breadbakers!

I tried to respond to 'iluv2kraft's request for information on honey directly
to that address but it didn't connect for reasons known only to this strange
machine. 'iluv' was requesting information on different types of honey. As
'iluv' mentioned, their flavors run the gamut from very dark and heavy
(Buckwheat, e.g.) to delicate (raspberry, which doesn't taste like raspberry,
it's the honey that results from bee visits to raspberry blossoms) and
everythng in between. Clover and Star Thistle honeys are sort of in between-
rich but not overpowering flavor.
We acquired our honey knowledge on visits to the Catskills and a remarkable
family business called Traphagen's honey. Truly, really, we are in no way in a
position to gain from promoting them. But I would like to share them with any
bread-bakers as they're a wonderful resource. They mail order, the phone# is
1-800-838-9194, fax is 1-518-263-4533. At the risk of sounding like a
commercial, the quality is uncompromising (my wife and I have this vision of
the owner getting all the bees up in the morning for daily calisthenics!) and
warm friendly service. All sorts of honeys are available and everything is

Best wishes,

TStone1046@AOL.com (Tony)