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Round Loaves

"Dick Smith" <rssmith@ispchannel.com>
Mon, 04 Sep 2000 08:05:39 -0400
From: Susan Newman <Susie22@mindspring.com>
  >I am dying to make nice round, fat loaves of bread but don't want to pop
  >for KA's expensive coiled baskets.  Any suggestions on what I can use
  >rather than just forming the loaf and having it spread out while rising?

Susan, I've had good luck using a couple of round baskets by wife has for 
serving rolls and such at dinner.  I have two tea rough textured dish 
towels that  reserve exclusively for baking.  They have been floured over 
many bakings and do not hold the rising loaves so they come out very 
easily.  Look around and see what you have that can fill the bill.

I don't use a peel to transfer the loaves (haven't gotten around to getting 
one!) I just sprinkle corn meal on the back of a baking sheet and use a 
large spatula to slide the loaves into the oven.


Dick Smith