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Waffle Iron Recommendation

"Joni Repasch" <jrepasch@infi.net>
Tue, 5 Sep 2000 01:02:04 -0700

I've been using a Toastmaster waffle iron for the last few years and really 
like it. This is NOT a Belgian Waffler.  I can't promise you it's real 
fast, I'd say 3 minutes per waffle. When the light goes off the waffle is 
ready. I usually count to 30 and then remove the waffle because we them 
crisp.  Oh yes, it's a non-stick waffler, but I like to brush on a tad of 
Crisco for every 2 waffles I bake.

Here's what I do.  I make up batches of the dry ingredients for the 
waffles. Place each batch in plastic containers and refrigerate them.....we 
have two refrigerators, so there's plently of room.  The morning you plan 
to make the waffles all you have to do is mix up the liquid ingredients and 
stir these into the dry ingredients. Meantime, I heat my waffle iron so 
it's real hot before I start baking the waffles. Still, to prepare 8 
waffles, it's going to take at least 1/2 hour. What you might do is prepare 
the waffles as usual and place the cooked ones in a rather warm oven so 
they don't get cold and 'limp' before the last one is done.

If you or anyone else is interested I've got a great recipe from KA Flours 
called "Waffles for 4".....This recipe assumes 2 waffles per person.....I 
count on 1 waffle per person, so I freeze what's not eaten that morning. 
It's a sour dough recipe and if you have the sour ready in the AM it's a 
real snap to prepare.....good too.


>From: "Schmitt, Barbara E." <BSchmitt@goulstonstorrs.com>
>Subject: Waffle Iron recommendation
>Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2000
>Has anyone out there bought a waffle iron recently? I am looking for a
>recommendation for a standard waffle iron (not a belgian waffler) that is
>reliable and FAST. I usually wind up making waffles for 6-8 people at once,
>so I need an iron that will cook waffles as quickly as possible. All
>feedback greatly appreciated! Thanks! Barbara