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Breadman pans

Richard Wilson <kayaker@exis.net>
Sun, 21 Jan 2001 16:45:29 -0500
Three months ago I bought a new Breadman machine to replace my Oster.  The
Oster was working well but the non-stick surface was flaking off the pan
and that was a good excuse for a new machine.  Having dealt with the Oster
customer service people, I didn't want to try to get a replacement pan.
That, however, might have been the wiser course.  I'm having a lot of
trouble with the dough and baked bread sticking to the Breadman pan.
Breadman customer service has sent me one replacement pan so far and it is
now as bad as the original pan.   I bake a loaf every other day, sometimes
baking it in the machine and sometimes baking it in the oven.  Both the
dough and baked bread stick.  The center of the loaf is ripped out when
removing the bread from the pan.  The area immediately under the paddle, a
three inch circle, is the problem.  I remove the paddle before the final
rise or the problem is much worse.  The dough sticks in the same pattern
when I remove it for the final rise and baking in the oven.  The paddle
does not touch the surface of the pan.  Is this typical for Breadman pans?
Any suggestions before I get my third pan from Breadman?