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Re: Misto maintenance...

Amy <amy@best.com>
Sun, 21 Jan 2001 15:52:55 -0800
>Do any of you have Misto oil sprayers?  I have two.  I use one for olive
>oil and one for canola oil. I am having a helluva time getting them to
>spray evenly.  I have emptied and cleaned them periodically, and I still
>have trouble.  Sometimes they spray, sometimes they sputter, sometimes
>they dribble, and sometimes they don't work at all.  Kinda sounds like
>an old man, doesn't it?  But that's a different story.  If anyone has
>the secret to getting these things to spray correctly, I would
>appreciate hearing from them.
>Thanks from Bob the Tarheel Baker

I've got the same problem with mine, so I was glad to know I'm not 
the only one. Inspired by your message, I decided to look and see if 
there was a Misto website, and lo and behold there was. It even has a 
troubleshooting section that gives advice on just this problem (No 
Spray/Sputtering/Dribbing is the very first topic). The URL is 
http://www.misto.com/troubleshooting.html. Sounds like solving the 
problem requires a bit more disassembly than just cleaning it, or if 
that fails, replacing the part. Here's the excerpt for this problem; 
there's more info on their page, including the cleaning instructions, 
so it's worth taking a look:

No Spray/Sputtering/Dribbling
Due to a loose seal. To correct, go through the following steps:(Do 
this over a towel or the sink).
1. Unscrew your MISTO® (as if you were filling it with olive oil)
2. Hold the spray mechanism in your hand and pop the white screw 
collar off. (It pops off easily with a little pressure from your 
3. Place the spray mechanism in the MISTO® canister and place the 
screw collar over the spray nozzle. Tighten the screw collar into 
place (you should feel and hear the collar click into place).
4. Tighten it a little bit more.
5. Replace the top cap.
6. Pump the MISTO® again.
If the spray is still not a fine mist, loosen the screw collar and 
then tighten. Pump again. Spray.
If the problem is still not corrected, replace the spray mechanism.