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Misto Sprayers

TheGuamTarheels@webtv.net (The Ol' Tarheel)
Mon, 22 Jan 2001 11:18:42 -0500 (EST)
Thanks to all who answered my plea for help in keeping my Mistos 
spraying.  Following my posting, I cleaned both sprayers according to the 
directions, and they both worked - FOR ONE WHOLE DAY!  My Mistos are being 
retired and I will begin trying the many suggestions that I have 
received.  This bread list is really a great thing, isn't it?  In addition 
to finding some great recipes and baking tips, I have corresponded with the 
likes of Maggie Glezer, Lora Brody, and Brother Peter Reinhart, and I have 
also made some great new friends.  If I've had a problem or a question, all 
I've had to do is toss it out on the list and many of you respond with 
intelligent, friendly, and often humorous replies.

Hold everything!  The governor just called!

Stop the execution!  I received a message from a very nice woman who told 
me that she had trouble with her Misto until she learned to hold it upright 
and hold the pan (or whatever was being sprayed) on an angle. In other 
words, don't tilt the Misto. I have decided to grant a reprieve for my two 
Mistos until I try this new method.  If that doesn't work, it is the 
guillotine for sure!

Thanks, Bob the Tarheel Baker