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Pasta dough

Bruce J Edwards <bruce54@juno.com>
Sun, 29 Apr 2001 15:37:32 -0400
I made the recipe for whole wheat pasta in the bread machine and it came
out excellent.  I needed to add more water than specified - about 3 tbs.
but then, it was a very dry day!  The consistency was that of clay - not
soft like bread dough.  Rolled it through my hand-cranked pasta machine,
let it dry 10-15 minutes, then cut the noodles on the pasta machine and
hung them on my rack to dry.  Cooked them for about 5-6 minutes and they
were far better than what I've previously purchased in the grocery store
(and far less expensive!).  Rather than grind my own wheat - I'll try
that next time - I used King Arthur's white whole wheat.  This made
enough fettucini-like pasta for 2-3 people.