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Types of yeast

"linda grande" <lgrande99@hotmail.com>
Fri, 13 Jul 2001 15:59:23 -0000
I really could use further clarification of the many types of yeast.
Every yeast maker seems to want to be everything to everyone.  It is,
therefore, very confusing.
Normally, I use SAF Red Label for most recipes because I make my dough in
the bread machine.  However I frequently run into recipes that specify a
brand of yeast (these are sometimes non-machine recipes that I make in the
machine) and specify that the yeast be proofed.
I have also read that 'regular' yeast should not be used in a bread machine
unless it has been proofed first.
I must add, also, that I started using SAF after buying my first ABM many
years ago, and my bread greatly improved.
Does anyone know what the 'real' guidlines for yeast are?