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regarding bannetons-

Thomas Brown <tbrown@aastra.com>
Tue, 22 Jan 2002 11:18:55 -0500
Hello everyone from here in Virginia!  I have been following the equipment 
discussions with even more interest than the recipes!  But I do agree with 
Pedro about 'cheating' on the yeast amount! oops - there goes my license too!

Regarding bannetons - I am a little puzzled - having never used one.  I get 
the impression from the posts that they do not go in the oven; the bread is 
only 'proofed' for its' final rising, and removed -placed on a baking 
sheet(?) for the 'heat treatment'..  I am confident that if I tried to 
removed a proofed/risen loaf from a basket, it would be quite flat/un-risen 
by the time I got it to the oven.  My levitation skills are not what they 
need to be to accomplish this!   Can someone that knows about using these 
baskets enlighten me how not to turn every loaf into pizza?