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Mon, 19 Jan 2004 20:37:11 +0000
>From: Sisbecki@aol.com
>Subject: Re: Yeasted Overnight Waffles
>Okay. A recipe for waffles/pancakes involving setting out a batter 
>containing such a perishable ingredient as milk at room temperature for 
>(gasp!) 12 hours? What do you want to do, poison your progeny?

Hmmm. So...how do you think yoghurt and creme freche are made? Both involve 
fermenting a milk product in a warm place for a min. of 12 hours (close to 
24 for yoghurt). And creme freche is not innoculated with anything (at 
least I've never made it that way).

I've been making homemade yoghurt and creme freche for years, never 
suffered any problems.

And I've never known anyone who's made Amish Friendship bread to get sick 
from it (a bread made from a starter of milk, sugar, and flour that is 
fermented and continually refreshed for about 7 days before you actually 
bake the bread).

The really nasty things you need to worry about are meat and starches which 
will usually colonize large amounts of toxin producing bacteria--toxins 
that are not destroyed by heat that will make you sick.

Since this waffle batter is already innoculized by yeast, I seriously doubt 
anything else would grow in it.

But this is just my opinion--and I'll usually take the very slight risk.

Did you know the chance of someone getting salmanilla poisioning from a raw 
egg is about 1 egg in a million. Time to toss the Ceasar salad ;-)