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RE: Cuisinart Mixer

"Beth Hinkle" <lists@bethhinkle.com>
Mon, 26 Sep 2011 21:48:20 -0700
Hi Gary,

I have a 7qt Cuisinart mixer, not the 5 qt, and I love it to 
pieces.  As a former KitchenAid advocate, given my choice I'd pick 
the Cuisinart every time.  It's done everything I've asked it to 
beautifully and has some features that I just love - like a "fold" 
speed and an electronic timer.

That said, I haven't made much bread it it.  Because I live alone now 
and am not making much bread these days, I use a bread maker to mix 
my dough now.  For cakes, cookie dough and whipping needs, the 
Cuisinart is a dream.  I can't say enough about the machine and 
highly recommend it.

Especially since you can get one for free with your air miles, I'd 
say "go for it"!  If it turns out that you don't love it (though I 
think that you will), you can find a ready buyer for it.