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Welcome to the bread-makers mailing list

Sat, 17 Nov 90 16:13:33 PST
Well, this is it.  The bread-makers mailing list now has 56 members.  I've
been waiting to post an introductory message until the "add me too's" dropped
off a bit.  Anyway, here's some information for everyone.

	I will be archiving the list.  It will be by volume/issue.
	This issue will start volume 1.  If you ever need a back-issue, send
	email to the bread-request alias and I'll do my best.

	This list is going to be sent-out in digest format.  Originally, I had
	planed to make things sent out as they were received, but when a couple
	of messages are being sent out, it creates a lot of uucp connections.
	Thus, I will be sending an issue out once a day, as long as there's
	something for it.

	I'm going to try to have "RECIPE:" at the start of each subject with
	a recipe in it.  Other keywords will be invented as needed. :-)

	If you have any questions or problems with the list, please send them
	to me at bread-request.

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Jeff Beadles		jeff@onion.pdx.com