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Will Martin <wmartin@STL-06SIMA.ARMY.MIL>
Sat, 1 Jun 1991 09:03:00 GMT
What I'd like to post to the list, if it hasn't already been discussed

to death, is a question about comparing the various models of bread
machines on the market. If you do have archives of such discussion you
can send me, then don't put this on the list, as I can read the archives
and then maybe post specific queries based on those, if all my questions
were not already answered. If the subject hasn't been over-discussed,
though, here's my query:

When bread machines first came out, they cost several hundred dollars and
were only available from specialty mail-order gourmet dealers or fancy
kitchen-equipment shops. Now, some of those high-priced models still
seem to be available, but I saw $100 versions advertised in K-Mart
Christmas circulars last year. The question then is: are the cheaper new
models as good as the expensive ones? If not, how are they inferior? 
What do you get from the high-priced ones that the low-priced ones do
not provide? Or are these price drops simply a matter of economies of
scale as more bread machines are being produced, and the cheaper models
are just as good as the more expensive?

Regards, Will
wmartin@stl-06sima.army.mil OR wmartin@st-louis-emh2.army.mil