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Greyston Bakery

dparting@ecst.csuchico.edu (Dennis R. Partington)
Tue, 3 Dec 1991 09:03:00 GMT
A friend of mine here recently picked up a copy of a cookbook from, I believe,

the Greyston Bakery (I don't have a copy in front of me, so spelling is chancy)
It is a fabulous book, especially the whole-wheat bread recipe!  Unfortunately,
she got it at a used book store, and we've been unable to locate another copy
of it, as I would like to get one as well.  My question for netland:  does
anyone know where I can get a copy?  I tried a new bookstore locally, and they
don't have it listed in their microfiche.  Any suggestions of mail order
cookbook houses?

Any help would be appreciated.

                Thanks in advance,