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New Hitachi owner

Patricia Rathbone <patric@triton.unm.edu>
Sat, 1 Feb 1992 09:01:00 GMT
I got a Hitachi bread maker just after Christmas and I need some
advice about recipes and adjustments.  Most recipes posted state
either DAK/Welbilt or National/Panasonic.  Other than the way the
yeast is added, are these recipes interchangeable?  Which should
I use for the Hitachi or what adjustments do I need to make?

I haven't made any high altitude (5,000') adjustments to the
recipes provided and the bread cooks okay.  It is slightly crumb
producing and the air spaces are larger than store bought, though.
Is this typical?

I can offer a warning based on my first few disasters in experimenting.
Don't use rice syrup for the sugar.  The result is a gooey loaf 
gauranteed to collapse when you slice into it.  I used it as a
direct replacement for honey.  I guess it isn't sweet enough for
the yeast?

I have one last request ... for VEGAN bread recipes.  I have the
Vegetarian Times issue with the bread machine recipes (knowing I
could make vegan bread was what prompted me to get a machine).  I
would appreciate any other recipes you could send or post or any
sources of recipes.  

Thanks for your help ... Patricia Rathbone (patric@triton.unm.edu)