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program modification/fastforward/delay/interruption...

Mon, 21 Feb 1994 18:15:52 EST
I have a DAK Turbobaker IV (made by Welbilt).  Is the manual
setting only for kneading the dough?  Or is there a way to
modify the programs?  I am partly responding to, and expanding on
Dan Wentz's question about program modification and restarting in
case of a power failure. 

In making the bread machines nearly idiot-proof, they have made
them completely inflexible.  However, one feature I would not
recommend is an automatic resart function for after a power
failure.  An extended power failure will permit the dough to rise
over the top of the bowl and fall onto the heating element.  A
situation that has arisen in my kitchen several times. 

It is wonderful to wake up to the smell of fresh bread baking.
However, being awakened an hour earlier than expected by the fire
alarm, and finding the house full of smoke is an experience I
would rather not repeat. 

I know what Dan Wentz means though.  It would be nice to restart
the machine after a brief power failure, such as when the silly
thing walks away and pulls its plug during the knead cycle. 

Furthermore, I have occasionally wanted to delay the bake cycle
for a slow-to-rise loaf.  And I have often wanted to start the
bake cycle early when the loaf has risen too quickly and I happen
to be around to see it pouring over the heating element. The only
solution I know is to pull some or all of it out and bake in my
other oven. 

In these cases I have clearly added too much liquid, too little
flour, or too much yeast, etc.  But I am often in a hurry and
make mistakes.  Also, I like to experiment. So there is
considerable variability in the loft of my loaves.  I take notes
and correct the problem with the particular recipe the next time.
 But the machine's inflexibility is clamping a conservative hand 
on my bread making.  

I am willing to live with that.  The machine has been our primary
bread provider for the last year or so.  But it would be nice to 
have fast-forward and pause capabilities.  

Of course, as we are often reminded, you can always remove the
dough and finish it by hand.  If you happen to be around...