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Machine features

Eugene Shing Chan <eugenes@its.iiu.my>
Tue, 27 Sep 1994 12:29:43 +0000 (MYT)
Hello from a newcomer!

Bread machines are still a very expensive novelty out here in Southeast 
Asia, the world's biggest rice exporting region (or is the U.S. now?)
Most people buy ready made items from fairly good local bakeries, so 
there is not much choice in the range of machines available.

Years ago, I picked up a cheap Panasonic in Japan. It must be one of the 
original basic models which does nothing else except make good bread! It 
continues to amaze friends and neighbors, who even request loaves for special 
occasions. I've even thrown in Chinese sauerkraut.

As my machine gets older, I'm keeping an eye out for a replacement. I 
suspect that the Japanese are concentrating their salvos at the U.S. 
market and some time soon the overflow might come this way. However I 
know nothing about the newer models and snazzy features I see mentioned 
here on the BREAD list.  Can some of you recommend or condemn, any 
particular options to look for in my next machine?

   --- Eugene Chan, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia <eugenes@its.iiu.my>