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Re: BREAD Digest V5 #40

Joel.Ehrlich@salata.com (Joel Ehrlich)
18 Oct 94 07:10:04 -0800
 BR> I'm a new baker, now that I have my bread maker, and I've seen a lot
 BR> of  interesting recipes that I have and will try.  I am interested in
 BR> using  the bread machine to make the bread dough and then bake the
 BR> bread myself  in a nice pan (and therefore have a pan, not bread
 BR> machine, shape).  The  bread machine cookbooks I have seen all mention
 BR> that I can do that if I  knead the bread after the dough cycle and
 BR> before I bake the bread on  recipes that could be made all the way in
 BR> the bread machine.  My problem  is that the reason I use a bread
 BR> machine is that bread making is one of  those skills I have never been
 BR> able to master.  I haven't been able to  figure out how long to knead
 BR> (how the bread should 'feel', etc.) and I  don't want to ruin a
 BR> perfectly good loaf by trying to bake it myself.  Is  that kneading
 BR> after the dough cycle really necessary?  There aren't two  kneading
 BR> cycles on my machine, so why would it be necessary to do it  twice if
 BR> the machine doesn't? 

No you don't have to knead the bread a second time, but it is a good idea.
The second kneading will improve the texture of the bread substantially.
If in doubt, try it once each way and see which you prefer.


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