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need machine recommendations

byates@Newbridge.COM (Barbara Yates)
Mon, 17 Oct 94 15:37:20 EDT

My husband wants to buy me a bread machine for Christmas. I hope you
can point me to one or more of:

* archived .net product reviews of bread machines 
* magazine article product reviews
* your own recommendations

I do want a "full- featured" machine that can do 100% whole wheat,
fancy breads with nut/fruit additions, and timed-start. What are other
great-to-have features?

We just saw a Sunbean maker advertised for $190 (Cdn) that said it
could make 1 lb. and 1.5 lb. loaves. What about loaf size -- do you
find you always make the largest your machine can do? There are just
two of us I'll be baking for.

Thanks a million.
Barbara Yates