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Re: need machine recommendations

Andrew Evans <aevans@cais.cais.com>
Tue, 25 Oct 1994 11:36:26 -0400 (EDT)
Barbara -

When I bought mine, I used the Consumer Reports data.  It is available in 
the back-issues of their magazine (at your local public library), or if 
you have CompuServe, it is browsable online in their Reference section.  
I used the CompuServe data when I bought mine.  Consumer Reports did an 
in-depth evaluation of models and features - I highly recommend you get 
it before you buy.

On loaf size - we're used to buying big loaves because we only go to the 
store once in a while.  With a bread machine, you can make bread as often 
as you like, so smaller loaves are not a problem.  I bought a 1 lb. 
machine, and I find that for my wife and I it is just right (we use the 
bread before it goes stale).  If you are feeding more than two, you will 
probably need a 1.5 or 2 lb. machine.  Also, a larger machine is nice if 
you frequently have guests (which we don't).  But don't feel you *have* 
to buy a larger machine.

Basically, I decided on the Toastmaster 1152U, because it had all the 
features I wanted (including all the ones you listed), it was ranked 
fairly highly by Consumer Reports, and it was on sale when I went to buy 
my machine (which made me choose it over the Panasonic, my other choice).

Good luck, and make bread!

> My husband wants to buy me a bread machine for Christmas. I hope you
> can point me to one or more of:
> * archived .net product reviews of bread machines 
> * magazine article product reviews
> * your own recommendations
> I do want a "full- featured" machine that can do 100% whole wheat,
> fancy breads with nut/fruit additions, and timed-start. What are other
> great-to-have features?
> We just saw a Sunbean maker advertised for $190 (Cdn) that said it
> could make 1 lb. and 1.5 lb. loaves. What about loaf size -- do you
> find you always make the largest your machine can do? There are just
> two of us I'll be baking for.
> Thanks a million.
> Barbara Yates

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