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Joel.Ehrlich@salata.com (Joel Ehrlich)
25 Oct 94 07:15:15 -0800
 BR> Regarding last week's en masse reproduction of recipes from a
 BR> published book: you should reconsider the ethics of this practice.  As
 BR> an author, I strenuously object.  And aside from the ethics, your
 BR> practice was probably illegal.
 BR> Edward Berlin

Actually, it probably was not illegal although it was improper. You cannot
copyright a recipe. You might be able to patent it, but you cannot copyright

You can copyright the text surround the recipe - comments on where and when
to use it, complimentary dishes, etc.

You can also copyright a collection of recipes (a cookbook). But what you
are copyrighting is the selection of recipes and their presentation, not the
recipes themselves.

All that aside, it is the impropriety of the act which should have you upset
if anything.

On the other hand, it is the sharing of recipes, ideas and advice which makes 
this an important and viable communication venue.

My advice is simple: keep submitting recipes, even recipes from cookbooks - 
just do so in moderation.


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