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Re: BREAD Digest V5 #49

Fri, 23 Dec 1994 00:42:14 -0500
Thanx for the reply.  We bake bread for a number of reasons.  One: to eat
good bread - impossible to find edible bread where we live.  Two: trying to
duplicate the aretisan breads of Europe -  including crust, texture, feel and
taste.  Many of these breads take very hot ovens and various changes in
temperature as the baking process continues.  Additionally, steam is added to
enhance the crust.  While an intense process for about 30- 40 minutes,
contrary to opinion, the yeast, flour and water do most of the work.  Long
rising times allow plenty of time for our other responsibilites.

After reading and corresponding with a number of machine bread bakers, I am
sure that machine made breads cans be very good.  Our neighbor bakes with
one, and her bread is very edible.  We have a different mission, and our
purpose is not to bake simply to bake bread.  In fact, my wife is beginning
the translaton of an italian book on the technology of bread baking. (similar
books are not available in the USA to our knowledge).  Not every one may want
do take as much time as we do, nor be as critical as we are (even of
ourselves!),but, for better or worse,  we tend to strive toward the old ways.

Some on this fourm have taken that to mean we look down on people who use
bread machines.  That's simply  not true.  Our original comment and question
was posed so that we might be able to exchange ideas with others who may not
use machines, and who may have the same interests that we do.   We are not
making judgementso of those who do not.  We would have no right to do so. 

Have a great holiday season