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Bread pan replacement

Tue, 28 May 96 11:14:20 EST
     <From: ad707@freenet.carleton.ca (Allan Topp)

     <However, a problem ... that I do have is the increasing tendency of 
     <the loaf to stick in the pan.  

     <...prompted a call to their 800 number.  Their advice?  Replace the 
     <pan.   West Bend seem to think this just a regular, justifiable part 
     <of machine bread making.
     <Is it justified?  Is there another way?

     Hi all,

     Usually this can be prevented by soaking the pan prior to cleaning it 
     so no abrasives are applied to the Teflon coating the inside of the 
     pan.  The Zo manual warns against any abrasive material being applied 
     to the pan.  The result of applying abrasive - being the bread's 
     reluctance to come out of the pan.

     I don't even use the plastic abrasives like the scrunge - sponge only.
     My ex's R2 unit is still going strong after 5 years, with no 
     difficulty.  The Zo is still not quite a year old but it gets used 
     much heavier than the other machine ever did.


     The problem with doing it right the first time is that no one 
     appreciates how hard it was.