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Bread Machines in Europe

"Stephan Grundy" <emmel@iol.ie>
Fri, 15 May 1998 15:06:22 +0100
My bread machine was bought in Dallas and its transformed our lives here in
Ireland.  We can now have wonderful, fresh bread every day, even though we
live in a very rural setting.  Most of the bread is stale by the time it
reaches the village store and we missed having breads that we were used to.
 We haven't had any problems at all, though it is set up on a very large
transformer and was done by a friend who is an electrician, so its likely
he took any frequency problems into account.  I use the machine a lot for
mixing doug as well as the entire bread cycle.  I do occasionally get
"hockey pucks" but from reading the list, I gather that most people do. 
Our humidity does mean that I often have to adjust the water/milk amounts
in the bread, but I think I'd have to do that in the Southeastern US as

Melodi..on a sunny Irish afternoon