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ptj <gypsy-witch@rocketmail.com>
Sat, 27 Jun 1998 23:06:43 -0700 (PDT)
> From: "Michael C. Zusman" <mczkaz@teleport.com>
> Subject: Summer Loaf:  A Celebration of Bread

> It is with great pleasure that I announce Portland, Oregon's second
> annual Summer Loaf:  A Celebration of Bread on Saturday, July 25,
> 1998.  Featuring samples and sale items from more than 20 area artisan

> you can make it.  (It hardly ever rains in Portland in late July, and 
That's not what I've heard! (sorry...we just moved to Oregon from
Colorado and are getting over the humidity issue kind of slowly.....)
(But I have to admit it's a real trip to be able to bake without
making high altitude adjustments. I mean, when it's supposed to rise,
it rises and when it's supposed to brown the crust, it browns the
crust....how weird for me!)

> know Reggie is going to be here.)

I'm planning to be there as well if I can get there. I live in Lake
Oswego and am without a car. Anyone planning to be there willing to
offer a lady a ride?

Reminds me of a thought I had, though. Would those of us on this list
who will be there like to arrange to meet at some point? I mean, just
how many bread festivals are there? We really should try to do
something that folks on other lists do. (I'm on a dog list and
whenever members of that list are going to be at shows together they
always seem to be arranging a lunch or group walk or some such...and
my sci fi lists always seem to find cons to meet at.) Anyhow, it's
just a thought.

Are croissants technically allowed for discussion on this list?
Because I had a lemon curd/cheese croissant yesterday that was to die
for, but I can't get the bakery to share their recipe. (I didn't
actually push the point....) I've never tried to make any croissants,
much less filled ones, and am wondering if they're too difficult for a
klutz like me to master. 

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