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Need KA tips

Tue, 30 Jun 1998 02:46:05 EDT
I recall reading on this list that when using a KA mixer for bread, it's good
to have the dough a bit sticky since otherwise one runs the risk of a door
stop.  I don't have an ABM and am using my new KA to knead bread.  I am using
some of the ABM recipes that have been posted and notice that I am having to
add a lot more flour than the recipes call for; for example, I made the garlic
herb bread and probably added 2 more cups (I thought it turned out well), and
I have the cottage cheese dill bread coming out of the oven right now--I added
at least 1 more than the 3 cups of flour called for, but the dough was still
pretty sticky.  How does one tell how much flour is right?  I'd rather let the
KA do the work--but I want good bread!

Thanks a bunch,