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Pizza party leftovers

Ruth Provance <rprovanc@gmu.edu>
Tue, 30 Jun 1998 14:55:12 -0700
Hello, bakers!		

I thought you might be interested in my pizza adventures.

Last Saturday, we had a pizza party for six adults and eight children
(one of whom was too young to eat pizza).  To prepare, I made three
double batches of the Fleishman's master pizza dough
one plain, one herbed, and one with white whole wheat.  I also chopped,
shredded, fried, sliced, and shopped for toppings.  The plan was to
serve the kids two big pizzas, and the adults would each get the
individual pizza of their dreams.  A good time was had by all, and one
of the guests found out that she needed to pre-heat her pizza stone to
get a good crust.  Always glad to share what I have learned!  I got to
use her stone, too!

Anyway, there was a lot of dough left over, and I was pretty burned out
and the kitchen was a mess, so I just plopped it in greased plastic bags
and stuffed it in the freezer.  There were a lot of toppings left, too.

On Sunday my son, nine years old, was watching "Baking With Julia," the
Lora Brody episode, and she made a braided bread.  My son asked if I
could make a braided bread with three different colors of dough.  Hmm,
and such dough was in the freezer, too!  So, Sunday night, I took the
dough out of the freezer and put it in the fridge to thaw, and after
work on Monday, I got to work.  

I took 12 ounces of each dough (yes, Don, I weighed it!) and made a
braid.  With the rest of the dough and some of the toppings and sauces,
I made a deep-dish pizza for dinner.  After letting them rise, I baked
the braid on an upper shelf for about 40 minutes at 400 F, and sprayed
it with water three or four times.  Let me tell you, that pizza dough
made one gorgeous loaf and it tasted great, too!  Of course, it had had
a lot of time to rise and develop good flavor.  I hope I can keep my
husband from leaving it out to go stale.  With the lack of sugar, and
the small amount of oil, it would go stale quite quickly.  I hope to
leave it in the freezer and just take out what slices we need, or save
it for a special occasion.  The deep-dish pizza was good, too. 
Leftovers are calling to me from the fridge, but I am on a diet! 

Anyway, I thought you might like to hear my story, just to show you some
of the joy of dough!

Keep Baking Bread!

Romans 8:38-39