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Need KA tips

"J. Mathew" <joanm@bigfoot.com>
Sun, 5 Jul 1998 09:13:28 -0500
> I recall reading on this list that when using a KA mixer for bread, it's
> good to have the dough a bit sticky since otherwise one runs the risk of a
> door stop.  I don't have an ABM and am using my new KA to knead bread.  I
> am using some of the ABM recipes that have been posted and notice that I
> am having to add a lot more flour than the recipes call for; for example,
> I made the garlic herb bread and probably added 2 more cups (I thought it
> turned out well), and I have the cottage cheese dill bread coming out of
> the oven right now--I added at least 1 more than the 3 cups of flour
> called for, but the dough was still pretty sticky.  How does one tell how
> much flour is right?  I'd rather let the KA do the work--but I want good
> bread!

  Of course it depends upon where you live, the amount of 
humidity, etc.; however, 2-3 cups of extra flour certainly sounds 
like a lot to me!

  There are too many to post here without an incredibly long 
message, so let me point you to my recipe Web page:  

  I have a bunch of bread recipes, and nearly all of them have been 
made in my KitchenAid at some point or other -- a tool I regularly 
use for bread-making.  I have no idea what recipe you're using or 
what kind of bread you're making (sweet, savory, flat, etc.), so 
maybe that will give you a few tips to go on in comparing your 

  Again, I know that the amount of humidity does affect how much 
flour you add, but what you've mentioned seems an incredible 
amount.  I do NOT ensure that my dough is a bit on the sticky side 
when using my KitchenAid, although occasionally it does because 
I didn't measure just right.  I use the same recipes whether I'm 
making by hand, in the Cuisinart, KitchenAid, whatever.  I guess 
having dough on the sticky side (a little) wouldn't hurt too much, 
but I've never heard anything like that as far as a recommendation.  
I don't intentionally do that with my machine and everything comes 
out wonderfully airy, fluffy, tender, etc.  No bricks in my kitchen!

Hope that helps a bit,
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