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belt for Oster

Patrick Braun <pbraun@isat.com>
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 16:20:33 -0700
I'm hoping someone can help me.  The belt on my Oster bread maching is
wearing out, and needs to be replaced.  When I called the company, I was
told that I would have to send in the entire machine.  If it turned out
to be just the belt, the cost would be $15.00 plus return shipping.
When I was younger, there used to be small appliance repair shops that
sold parts to almost all brands of small appliances.  Unfortunately,
these seem to have gone by the wayside as we have become more of a
"throw-away" society.  Does anyone have one of these repair shops in
their town that I could call or write, to see if I can purchase a belt?