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Sun, 16 Aug 1998 13:59:45 -0400
i finally have to unlurk and answer the detractors of bread machine making.
live in a small apartment in new york city.  i have absolutely NO counter
in the kitchen.  there is no place to knead dough unless i want to do it on
dining table....NOT!  if i want home made bread i NEED to use a bread machine 
because it sits on top of my microwave and therefore doesnt take up any space 
since the microwave has it's own stand in a small niche in the kitchen.
some people don't like to knead dough or work with pie crust.  i know i dont 
handle pie crust well, though i did make bread by hand when i had a "real" 
kitchen in Los Angeles.  so please don't get "uppity" with people who enjoy 
using the latest gadgets.  it might turn out the have a reason to do so
of laziness.  
phew....glad to get that off my chest :-)