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Re: Slices Perfect Kitchen Slicing System

"Bochner, Arnold" <ABOCHNER@ITP.EDS.COM>
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 14:53:01 -0400
	>From: "C J Channing" 

	>This is absolutely the BEST thing I have found for slicing
bread-even warm.
	>I did a paste for the info from qvc.com.  I have tried the other
	>slicers/knives and nothing comes close to this.  PS I do not work
for QVC.

	>Slices Perfect Kitchen Slicing System

	Sorry to say that my spouse bought me one of these and I discarded
it after a few times use. The problem is that there is no upper guide to
place the knife against and the knife blade can (and did for me) climb off
the lower guide (especially in the side you can't see) and create uneven
slices. On the plus side, the knife is very good for cutting any bread, so I
use it alone and trust my luck with the thickness of the slices. I find it
more convenient (and do a more even job) to slice the whole loaf after first
scoring where each slice is supposed to start.

	BTW, how you account for the slices which have the ABM blade hole? I
use those for breakfast toast and the others for sandwiches.