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Bread Machines

"AcaGordie" <gordon@acanet.com.mx>
Sun, 16 Aug 1998 08:33:39 -0600
I remember reading someplace that in Japan Farmers wives get up early in 
the morning to make fresh breads for their husbands, every day.  Some 
company made the first bread machine thinking the farmers wives would 
all buy one so they wouldn't have to work so hard. 

Well it didn't turn out that way.  The farmers wives liked making their 
bread by hand.  It was the hurried mothers, the working wives, the man 
who likes to bake but doesn't want to spend 4 hours in the kitchen who 
scarfed up the ABM's.

I have never made a loaf of bread by hand in my life.   I have no plans 
to.  I love my ABM.  Probably about half the bread I make now, I just 
use the ABM to make the dough and then I take it out and make fancy
loafs or Cinnamon rolls or Pizza or something. 

I was gonna say something about how expensive the Kitchen Aid mixers are 
then I realized that my last ABM cost more then the mixer. I can't see 
paying $300 for a big mixer but for a bread machine, no problem.   
<grin>  To each his own. 

Now a question.  I like Fresh Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast.  But I hate 
getting up at 5 to start the machine.  (I use fresh eggs and milk) Has 
anyone found a way to make the dough the day before and put it in the 
fridge or something so you can take it out at a decent hour and bake 
them.  I suppose I should experiment but I am lazy... Remember I like 
ABM's.  <evil Grin>