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Spelt flour

Vernon Webster <vernon@the-spa.demon.co.uk>
Sun, 6 Sep 98 12:37:30 +0000
Hello John,
     I haven't got a machine so I can't answer your question properly but 
I have 
made this particular loaf. You may be best just using your machine for 
mixing as 
the Roman Army bread is a very sloppy recipe and is very quick ( no real 
rising). The dough makes for two smallish flat loafs which are 
incidentally delicious.
So that it doesn't totally collapse on you, you might want to hold back a 
third of the water and only add if necessary. When you've baked it a few 
times you can always add more if you want.
          Good luck,

>From: jcoppard@awe.co.uk
>I have a couple of bags of SPELT flour and want to try my hand at an
>ancient style (Roman) loaf. Has anybody got an ABM recipe for such a
>loaf. The hand instructions don't look as if they would translate easily
>to a bread machine.Any help gratefully received.
>John M Coppard