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bread and soup class

Mitch Smith <smithm@mvp.net>
Sun, 6 Sep 1998 13:41:44 -0500
From: RUCKERMT@aol.com wrote:

I will be teaching "Heart Healthy Breads and Soups" this fall.  I'd like to
hear from others who teach breadbaking - especially favorite class recipes,
teaching techniques, etc.  

A few years back I taught a couple of bread baking classes for my kids
when they were in elementary school. What worked very well was to 
have three sets of dough. The first dough was done far enough in advance
to be reading for final forming & rise at the start of class, and bake it before
class is over. A second set of ingredients was assembled for making into 
dough during the class, and then a third dough which was made just before 
class so they could see it rising during class.

This made it possible for the students to see the entire bread making 
process start to finish in a one hour time span. The classroom didn't
have an oven, but did have a griddle so we used that and made English

Even if you have more time than one hour, you still don't want to waste
time with people just sitting around waiting for the dough to double.