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Potato Flour and bread classes

"Roberta Terkowitz" <bterk@vion.com>
Mon, 28 Sep 1998 08:59:46 -0400
Two unrelated topics!  In response to the question posted on the list, I
use potato flour (or potato starch as it is also called) to thicken sauces
and gravies.  One of my favorite cookbooks calls for a tablespoon or two of
potato flour, plus a like amount of tomato paste, mixed into the drippings
from browning beef, before adding wine and/or stock when making beef stew,
for example. 

On another note, I just got my info about the New England Culinary
Institute's "Whisk Away Weekends."  The breadbaking one, which I attended
two years ago and LOVED, is October 30-November 1.  Much of the time is
spent on hands-on classes, plus there are demonstration classes and a sort
of "stump the stars" q&a session.  Other weekends are:  Cakes and Tarts,
Nov. 6-8; Pastry, March 19-21; Chocolate March 26-28.  All of these take
place at the Inn at Essex, in Essex, Vermont (near Burlington).  For
information and registration, call Debbie Tegen at 802-764-1490, or email
her at debbietegen@juno.com