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blumc@juno.com (Cheryl L Blum)
Sun, 27 Sep 1998 03:21:43 EDT

I've lurked on this list for a long time...I am interested in the threads
on Spelt Flour and Potato flour.

Potato Flour:  I know that a lot of baked goods can be made with this
flour...the breads  seem more soft and lighter when this flour is used
along with standard bread flour.  Personally, I like to use potato flour
to thicken soups and stews....it tastes better in gravies, too.

Spelt Flour:  I learned about 3 years ago that I have a mild allergy to
wheat, as well as a few other grains.  I discovered spelt (as well as
other grains...) and began experimenting with the flours by themselves
and in combination with others.  My best breads made without regular
bread flour (combination of wheat, barley, and soy usually) were those of
spelt, spelt and rolled oats, spelt and potato flour.  I was skeptical,
at first, that I might actually tolerate spelt...since it is an ancient
variety of wheat, but...it doesn't seem to bother me.

I had four recipes published in a cookbook about two years ago...the
ingredients of two of them included spelt flour.  They are, "Cranberry
Spelt Muffins" and "Oatmeal Spelt Bread".  If there is much response, I
can send these recipes to this list.


Cheryl Blum

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