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RE: Jewish Rye Bread

Roxanne Rieske <rokzane@comcast.net>
Wed, 04 Aug 2004 08:04:26 -0600
In my experience, there is no one single formula that can be called Jewish 
Rye Bread. There is in general a theme to it, but each baker experienced 
with making it adds a little something different to their individual 
recipe. On that note, what you and your husband are missing, you may never 
find again, or you might find again: one can never tell.

Jewish Rye as I know it is made with a sour rye starter, medium rye flour 
(some bakers may use dark rye flour), clear or patent flour, diastic malt 
powder, salt, and caraway seed. Once mixed it is fermented under 
refrigeration for a min. of 8 hours. Once shaped into a loaf it is rolled 
in course corn meal, and then panned and proofed. It is baked with steam in 
a hot oven (around 400 F).

At this time, I can't find the exact recipe that I use, but if you look for 
recipes with the above general ingredients in them, this will get you 
started. You'll have to play around with proportions to find the taste that 
you like.

Roxanne Rieske
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